2020 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Grant Program

The Role of Self and Third-Party Categorization in Shaping Investment Decisions in the Fintech Industry

Into the Unknown: Navigating the Impact of Violence and Institutions on Entrepreneurship in South Africa

Essays on the Impact of Intellectual Property Institutions on Cross-Border Market Entry and Inventor Mobility

Investigating the Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Organizational Structures

Essays on Alternative Governance Forms: Comparative Governance, Competition, and Community Outcomes with Focus on Cooperatives

Social Impact Framing as a Persuasive Resource for Value Appropriation

Human-AI Collaboration for Business:  Managing Knowledge Workers and Artificial Intelligence as Adaptive Systems

Firm Strategies in Response to Regulatory and Technological Changes: Evidence from the U.S. Medical Imaging

Examining the system, not the seeker:  How investment organizations evaluate startups with diverse founders

Fact or Fiction? Industry Use of Science-based Regulatory Influence Strategies

2020 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

What are Ecosystem Bottlenecks? Managerial Cognition and Resource Allocation Tactics as Antecedents of Ecosystem Strategies
Participating Organization: Unable to Disclose 

Strategic Adaptations to Climate Change: A Strategy-As-Practice Perspective
Participating Organization: The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers-CENICAFÉ

2020 Grant Recipients: Research in Strategic Management

The Paths to Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry                

Imagination and Strategic Choice: A Framework of Creative Rationality

2019 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Accelerators, Identity and Identification: Exploring Challenges for Innovators at a Corporate Accelerator"

Participating Organization: Unable to Disclose 

"Managing Ecosystem Emergence: Evidence from blockchain, IoT and DNA analysis in the food industry"

Participating Organization: Unable to Disclose

"Open Strategy in Capable Hands: The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Open Platform Strategy"

Participating Organization: ANA

2019 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Grant Program

"Performance Implications of the Interplay between Diversification Choices and Employee Reconfiguration"

"Knowledge Re-Combination, Managerial Attention, and Firm Performance"

“Quid Pro Quo between Executives and Institutional Investors”

"Post-Acquisition Human Capital Mobility: Losing and Retaining High-Performers after Acquisitions"

"Technology and the Changing Nature of Management"

"The Co-evolution of Vertically Related Sectors through Knowledge Transfer and the Creation of New Firms"

"Technological Coordination of Platform Ecosystems"

"Performance, Strategy, and Competition in Platform Ecosystems"

"The Implications of New Upstream Technologies for Firm Strategy & Survival"

"Strategy in Institutionally Complex and Nascent Markets"

"Workplace Populism? Group Status Threat and Workplace Preferences"

“Collaborative Innovation and Employee Mobility”

2019 Grant Recipients: Research in Strategic Management

"Studying Industry Disruption Using Crowdsourced Tournaments"

"Entrepreneurial Advice Seeking: Seeking Outside Knowledge for Strategy Formation in Entrepreneurial Settings"

"Human and Social Capital of VC-backed Startup Boards and their Impact on Innovation and Exits"

2018 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Catalyzing Innovation in International Organizations:  From bottom-up initiatives to global innovations"
Participating Organizations: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS)

"When Knowing Less Can be More:  Anonymity in the Context of Organizational Knowledge-sharing"
Participating Organization: KPMG Germany

"Bridge in The Middle? Investigation of Corporate Accelerators in Spanning Internal Innovation and External Knowledge"
Participating Organization: Techstars Energy Accelerator in partnership with Equinor

"Randomized Control Trial – Entrepreneurial Strategy"
Participating Organization: iStart

2018 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Inclusive Business Strategies in Developing Institutional Environments"

"Machine Learning in Context:  Essays on the Diffusion and Novel Application of Machine Learning"

"Product Market Competition and Cross-Industry Resource Reallocation"

"What Kind of Village Fosters Venture Development?"

"Technology Change and Firm Capabilities in Nascent Markets: Evidence from the Bionic Prosthetic Industry"

"Uncovering the Process of Industry Convergence:  Adaptation Choices of Diversifying Entrants and Entrepreneurial Ventures"

"Investment in Risky Innovation:  The Role of Cognition, Biases, and Asymmetric Information"

"Revisiting the Locus of Experience: A Study on Organizational Learning, M&A Performance and Corporate Development Executives in the S&P 500"

"What to Do and How to Do It: How Ventures Develop High-performing Business Models"

"How User Analytics Affects Strategic Decision-Making: Evidence from Mobile Application Developers"

"Going Private as a Solution to Public Market Disagreement"

"Online Community Mobilization for Entrepreneurial Success in Nascent Markets"

2017 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Firm Strategy and Market Transformation during Regulatory Change: Competitive landscape in UK banking before, during and after the implementation of PSD2" 

Participating Organization: SWIFT Institute 

"Network Orchestrators and Institutional Change: Multilevel Opportunity Processes of Hybrid Organizations"
Participating Organization: Ashoka 

2017 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Value Creation at Intersection of Human Capital & Firm Resources: Case for Physical Working Environments"

"Do Financial Markets Discriminate CEOs: CEOs’ Ascribed and Achieved Status and Investors’ Reactions to Acquisitions"

"Visual Representations of Strategy"

"Multimodal Materiality Of Strategy:  How Different Modes of Materiality Combine to Link Strategizing Episodes"

"Great Idea, Now What? Examining the Relationship between Organizational Design, Invention and Innovation"

"Value Creation and Disintermediation in Online Marketplaces"

"Behavioral Perspective of Hedge Fund Activism"

"Inside the Net:  Essays on the Performance of Interorganizational Networks"

"The Network Dynamics of Collaboration on Performance:  A Multi-level Study"

"The Temporal Dynamics of Industry Clusters"

"Sleeping with the Enemy:  Antecedents and Outcomes of Cooperative Private Politics"

"Essays on the Consequences of Market Democratization for Organizations"

"Entrepreneurship in the Making: Observing Experimentation in Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Firms"

2016 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

" Challenges for Offshoring R&D to Emerging Countries: Evidences from Foreign MNC Subsidiaries in India" 

" Experimentation in Nascent Markets: How Firms Effectively Commercialize New Technology" 

" Essays on a Demand-Side Driver of Industry Evolution" 

" Sharing, Listening, and Recombining:  The Micro-Foundations of Inter-Firm Tie Formation" 

" Nonmarket Strategy in Nascent Industries: How New Ventures Navigate Regulatory Ambiguity" 

"Within-Platform Competition: Examining the Strategic Dynamics of Platform Complementors in Mobile App Stores" 

" The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Biotechnology Industry" 

"Developing Collaboration Between Startups and Large Firms: The Case of Corporate Accelerator Programs" 

"Technology AB Extra:  Technology Acquisitions and Complementarity and Substitutability of External Corporate Development Modes" 

"Retaining Valued Human Capital:  Investigating the Demand Side of the Labor Market" 

"Three Essays of Social Disapproval and Impression Management in the Social Media Era" 

"Knowledge Artifacts in Practice: Their Role and Impact on Strategy Making" 

"Mergers and Attributions: An Examination of M&A Terminations in 1996-2015" 

" The Role of Key Resource Providers in New Venture Resource Acquisition " 

2016 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Categorization and Empathy as Drivers of Corporate Social Initiatives' Success"

Participating Organization: Danone Group

“Strategic Challenges Among Hybrid Organizations: A Field Experiment in Collaboration with Goodwill Industries International”

Participating Organization: Goodwill Industries International

“A Comparative Study of Innovation Initiatives: Understanding Embeddedness as a Strategic Choice”

Participating Organization: Caterpillar Inc.

2015 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Subsidiary Evolution through Parent Driven Charter Change"

"The Role of the CEO and Board of Directors in Acquirer-Target Matching"

"Hierarchical Inconsistency and Strategic Decision Making: Evidence from Family Business in China"

"Drivers and Impacts of Corporate Disaster Giving"

"Human Capital Mobility, Organizational Adaptation, and Innovation Strategy"

"Cognition And The Resolution Of Conflict In The Presence Of Socio-economic Tensions"

"Collaboration and Complexity in Innovation Ecosystems"

"Firm Attention and Self-regulatory Institutions: Tracing the Emergence of a Sustainability Logic in the Apparel Industry"

"To Conform or Not to Conform:  Board Responses to the Financial Crisis"

"The Tools of Calculation, Frames, and Strategizing"

"Effects of Organization Design and Corporate Governance on Real Options Process: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital"

"The Genesis of Product Market Strategies of New Ventures within Lithium-ion Battery Industry"

"Quantification in Practice: Examining How Cultures of Data and Analytics in Organizations Shape Strategic Change"

"Knowledge reinforcement and reflective learning in firm acquisitions: Evidence from U.S. commercial banks before and after the financial crisis"

2014 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Strategic Networking in the Informal Economy:  A Practice Perspective"

"The Causes and Consequences of Corporate Short-Termism"

"Waiting to Inhale:  How Medical Cannabis Entrepreneurs are Legitimating a Stigmatized Industry"

"The Role of Discourse in Industry Evolution:  The U.S. Newspaper Industry, 1990-2010"

"East or West, Home is Best:  Reviving Local Traditions to Effect Institutional Change"

"Interdependence in Strategic Decision Making"

"The Articulation of Market and Non-Market Strategies:  Three Essays on the Impact of Home Country and Firm-Specific Political Resources on Corporate International Strategy"

"Role of Social Comparisons in Learning from Experience:  Effects on Formation and Application of Mental Models"

"Fashion, Meaning, and Technology"

"Competing in Multiple Platforms:  Antecedents and Consequences of Complementors' Mobility"

"The Role of Organization Design in Recognition and Funding of Grass Root Innovation"

"The Corrosion of Novelty from Collaboration"

"A Resource-Based Perspective on Social Mission:  Valuable but Limiting in Non-Profit MFIs Response to Competition"

"Individual Level Resources and Social Entrepreneurship Emergence and Growth:  The Contingent Effect of National Institutional Context"

2013 Funded Proposals: General Research Program

Michael V. Russo (University of Oregon)

Andrew G. Earle (University of New Hampshire)

Suzanne G. Tilleman (University of Montana)

Srividya Jandhyala (George Washington University)

Sinziana Dorobantu (New York University)

2012 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Alliance Portfolio Reconfiguration Following a Technological Discontinuity"

"Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Wages, and Productivity: Evidence from a Series of Field Experiments"

"Entrepreneurship, Mobility, and Rent Appropriation: Evidence from the Death of Coworkers and Rival Firms"

"Movements, Tactics, and Entry in Emerging Fields: The Impact of the Environmental Movement on Firms’ Timing of Entry and Resource Commitment in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry"

2011 Funded Proposals: General Research Program

Robert Morgan (Cardiff University)

Dennis Herhausen (University of St. Gallen)

Luigi de Luca (Cardiff University)

Marcus Schögel (University of St. Gallen)

Silvia Dorado-Banacloche (University of Rhode Island)

Bogdan Prokopovych (University of Rhode Island)

Elena Dalpiaz (Imperial College Business School)

2011 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Essays on Human Capital and Innovation Strategy"

"Prior to the Birth of Athena: Resource Reconfiguration for Entrepreneurial Entry and Creation of New Industries"

"The Triad that Binds: How the Social Structure of Analyst and Journalist Performance Evaluations Influences Relations Among Corporate Leaders and Their Strategic Decision Making"

"Controlling or Complying? The Opportunities and Challenges of Coordinated Technical Change"

"Essays on the Symbolic Management of Category Affiliations"